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Major issues with the
Place D'Armes / Ontario Street Intersection, #3
Telling the Public Why the Intersection has to be Reconstructed and Signalized

At the end of October 2007, Bruce Todd identified several major issues with plans for the Place D"Armes / Ontario Street intersection. This intersection is adjacent to the LVEC.

Bruce Todd's points about the Place D"Armes / Ontario Street Intersection

#1 Peer Review
#2 Availability of information prior to a Public Meeting
#3 Telling the Public Why the Intersection has to be Reconstructed and Signalized
#4 A conflict of Philosophies  
#5 Baffled by Words
#6 Road Reconstruction/Rehabilitation
#7 Impacts of Various Traffic Scenarios  

To: Councillor M Gerretsen , Councillor B Glover , Councillor D Hector , Councillor R Hutchison , Councillor J MacLeod-Kane , Councillor R Matheson , Councillor L Osanic , Councillor S Meers , Councillor E Smith , Mayor H Rosen , Councillor L Foster , Councillor S Garrison , Councillor V Schmolka

Cc: "Morris, Malcolm" , "Laubenstein, Glen" , Deanna Green

Subject: October public meeting re Ontario Street at Place d"Armes - Major Issue Number Three

Telling the Public Why the Intersection has to be Reconstructed and Signalized
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I would have thought that the first order of business would have been to explain to the general public why over a million dollars has to be spent to reconstruct and signalize Ontario Street at Place d'Armes. But that wasn't the case.

The consultant said basically that they were given the job to improve the intersection, and so he proceeded to talk about the options.

Early into the meeting, the public learned that the consultants had come up with a couple of viable options, and it was not the intention to entertain other options they had not thought of.

In TSH's presentation to the public, please note that -

THE PUBLIC WAS NOT TOLD how well that options "C" or "D", the two apparently viable options, would work.

THE PUBLIC WAS NOT TOLD if there were any unacceptable Level of Service issues with the preferred option(s).

THE PUBLIC WAS NOT TOLD if the reconstruction of this intersection would improve the traffic operations at nearby intersections, even though the traffic problems at nearby intersections were cited by the consultant as grave concerns.

THE PUBLIC WAS NOT TOLD of any costs associated with each of the preferred options.

THE PUBLIC WAS NOT TOLD of the impacts to adjacent land, adjacent living spaces, noise, etc., for each of the viable options.

The public was left in the dark on a series of important issues, but were asked to speak their peace in a matter of minutes.

It is a shame the way this city is operating, and the way traffic consultants are not revealing the total impacts of changes to the city's transportationscape.

Bruce Todd.