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Major issues with the
Place D'Armes / Ontario Street Intersection #7
Impacts of Various Traffic Scenarios

At the end of October 2007, Bruce Todd identified several major issues with plans for the Place D"Armes / Ontario Street intersection. This intersection is adjacent to the LVEC.

Bruce Todd's points about the Place D"Armes / Ontario Street Intersection

#1 Peer Review
#2 Availability of information prior to a Public Meeting
#3 Telling the Public Why the Intersection has to be Reconstructed and Signalized
#4 A conflict of Philosophies  
#5 Baffled by Words
#6 Road Reconstruction/Rehabilitation
#7 Impacts of Various Traffic Scenarios  

To: Councillor M Gerretsen , Councillor B Glover , Councillor D Hector , Councillor R Hutchison , Councillor J MacLeod-Kane , Councillor R Matheson , Councillor L Osanic , Councillor S Meers , Councillor E Smith , Mayor H Rosen , Councillor L Foster , Councillor S Garrison , Councillor V Schmolka

Cc: "Morris, Malcolm" , "Laubenstein, Glen" , Deanna Green

Subject: October public meeting re Ontario Street at Place d"Armes - Major Issue Number Seven

Impacts of Various Traffic Scenarios
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What bothered me the most was the fact that the consultants admitted they did not - DID NOT - consider the effects of any of their proposed options on how these options might impact other intersections, roadways, pedestrian crossings, etc., either upstream (the source) of traffic flows, or downstream (the destination) of traffic flows.

I cannot believe that a reputable traffic engineer would put forth a proposal which would dramatically affect traffic flows without being assured that such changes would not have any appreciable negative effects on the surrounding area.

Members of the public were concerned about pedestrians crossing Place d'Armes around King Street as they make their way to work or shop. Those who expressed concern were told that it wasn't part of the present project to consider pedestrian movements across Place d'Armes near King Street.

I asked why no one seemed to care about adding hundreds of motorists onto Wellington Street southbound to Queen Street, and further southerly through a residential area, ending at a park, with no comment on the impact or viability of such a traffic shift.

I expressed my concern that businesses who had spent many dollars to establish themselves in the downtown might be seriously financially affected by such shifts and diversions in traffic movements away from Ontario Street and King Street.

The answer I was given is that motorists are not shoppers.

Have our city fathers never heard of the economic effects and benefits of drive-by traffic?

I believe the citizens of this community are terribly handicapped by some of those who are paid by us to look after our transportation needs.

I am asking councillors to get us back on track and demand a peer review of the IBI Transportation Study in every aspect.

Thank you.