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Daily Points on Anglin Bay Site Traffic and Parking, #6
The Anglin Parking Lot

Beginning May 19th, 2005, Bruce Todd, who is supposed to be retired from a 40+ year career in traffic engineering, but nonetheless branded an "instant expert" by several pro-LVEC luminaries, none loftier than William Leggett, ex-principal of Queen's University, is briefing everyone about the field, pointing out "features" of the full Phase I Traffic and Parking Study prepared by CastleGlenn Consultants , who were hand-picked by Don Gedge for their "keen understanding of the Wellington Street Corridor" (pages 13 and 16 therein). 

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From: Bruce Todd
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Date: Tue, 24 May 2005 07:21:30
Subject: [KCAL] LVEC Traffic & Parking - Item #6     

The Anglin Parking Lot

The Task Force Report included the Anglin Parking Lot as part of a dedicated 300-parking-stall on-site/adjacent parking strategy. Most recently, this parking lot has been put back into the general parking supply. What I envision here is a disaster in the making.

When a parking lot is specifically assigned to a designated set of parkers/patrons, people can arrive over a long period of time in a casual and orderly manner, because they know that their parking spot is open and waiting for them. There is no rush of traffic, and there is no traffic coming to the parking lot area that is testing the parking availability.

When a parking lot is open to the public, there will be a surge of incoming traffic in a shorter period of time, and traffic will continue to arrive long after the parking lot is full, hoping to find that there is an available parking stall.

As a result, an elaborate system of lane coning has been suggested by the consultant to handle the traffic in and out of the Anglin Lot. Traffic will be coned into three lanes on Rideau Street between Bay and North, three lanes on Bay Street between Wellington and Rideau, and three lanes on Wellington Street between Bay and Place D'Armes.

People have to be hired to set out cones, probably an hour and a half before game time, and these cones have to be maintained throughout the event or rearranged during the event, and then picked up about an hour after the end of the event. This has a financial expense associated with it.

Coning of lanes is not an uncommon thing for motorists to encounter. But, coning of DIRECTIONAL lanes is a different matter, i.e., use this lane if you are going straight through versus use this lane if you are turning right, versus use this lane if you are turning left. That is not such an easy thing to set up. You might say that local motorists would come to remember the setup. Perhaps to a point, but keep in mind the many out-of-towners, the visitors that will purportedly be coming to events - the people that wouldn't take buses to the event because they are unfamiliar with bus routes in the city - these are the people who would be confused, and thus we have a safety issue.

SEVEN OTHER ISSUES need to be considered in coning off lanes in this area for such an event.

Sidewalks should be widened along Wellington, Bay, and Rideau Streets from their present five-foot width, but any appreciable widening on Bay or Rideau Streets would prohibit setting up the three-lane sections discussed above. THE AREA IS TOO RESTRICTED IN SIZE.

[UPDATED May 25, 2005] Any presence of snow banks along the streets in the area of the LVEC will prevent street sections from being coned off into three lanes, as discussed in item #6. City work crews will have to be meticulous in ensuring streets and sidewalks are completely cleared before any event at the LVEC. -- Bruce.

The latest plans outside the report show that the entrance to the Anglin Lot is two lanes wide. The report recommends three lanes of width to facilitate the exit of vehicles. But then the report proceeds to calculate the average exit time based on only two lanes of width, even though Exhibit 3.4 shows a three-lane exit from the Anglin Lot. All of this is very difficult to follow, and because of that, the report is very prone to causing errors in judgment and an unclear picture of what is really taking place. It indicates to me that people are not taking enough time to lay information out clearly, plan logical strategies and coordinate data; thus, information is OBSCURED AND CONFUSING, and it is OUT OF DATE AND OUT OF SYNC only days after it is printed or announced.

Upon examination of the layout of the parking stalls in the Anglin Lot, it will be extremely difficult if not impossible for motorists to try and line up in three lanes or even two to exit the lot. Cars parked closest to the exit will restrict movement, and make it difficult for motorists to get into the proper exit lane. I don't think the report has taken this into account, and the average exit time will be much greater.l

Finally, let's look at the average exit time of 24.2 minutes and 25.8 minutes from the Anglin Lot, the critical one being the latter, as shown in Annex E and in Tables 3.5 and 3.6 on page 35. If the AVERAGE exit time is 25.8 minutes, then the exit time for the last vehicle in the queue would be 51.6 minutes. Mr Gordon tells us near the bottom of page 35 that the Memorial Centre site and the adjacent road network cleared in approximately 30 minutes or less when observed on December 17, 2004. He then states at the top of page 36 that the average delays for the LVEC will be 30 minutes or less. In a technical report, a statement addressing the AVERAGE clearance period is NOT THE SAME as a statement addressing the NORMAL OR USUAL clearance period. The Planning Committee needs to assure itself that its deliberations and recommendations to council are based on CLEAR, CONSISTENT AND RELIABLE DATA.

The devil is definitely in the details.


P.S. My style of writing and language used here is not how I would write a report. It is intended to present a very technical subject matter in as clear a way as I can to the general population, and to bring issues of concern to the forefront, something which I feel the CastleGlenn Traffic and Parking Report, Phase I has not done very well for you. I am also restricted by time. Mr Arthur Gordon of CastleGlenn Consultants had five months to prepare this report; I have only three weeks to review what I consider a very poorly constructed report.

P.P.S. Feedback notes (excluding congrats) to date - from local citizens = 6 ; from city hall, council, or other = 0


Last updated May 23, 2005