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Daily Points on Anglin Bay Site Traffic and Parking, #7
Reporting of Available On-Street Parking

Beginning May 19th, 2005, Bruce Todd, who is supposed to be retired from a 40+ year career in traffic engineering, but nonetheless branded an "instant expert" by several pro-LVEC luminaries, none loftier than William Leggett, ex-principal of Queen's University, is briefing everyone about the field, pointing out "features" of the full Phase I Traffic and Parking Study prepared by CastleGlenn Consultants , who were hand-picked by Don Gedge for their "keen understanding of the Wellington Street Corridor" (pages 13 and 16 therein). 

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From: Bruce Todd
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Date: Wed, 25 May 2005 06:31:28
Subject: [KCAL] LVEC Traffic & Parking - Item #7     

Reporting of Available On-Street Parking

On page 42 of CastleGlenn's Traffic & Parking Report Phase I (TPRPI), there are two tables, Table 3.9 and Table 3.10, listing the number of unmarked parking stalls along the street curb in an area to the north of the northerly spill-over parking area, and purportedly within 600 metres of the proposed LVEC.

This area is NOT DEMARCATED on any map in the report, for the sake of clarity.

A cursory check of about ten of the 80 block segments in this area showed the following -

- Raglan Road from Rideau to Bagot north side - TPRPI says 10 spaces; actual = 5

- Raglan Road from Bagot to Montreal south side - TPRPI says 7 spaces - it is signed as No Parking all along this side.

- Corrigan from Rideau to Bagot north side - TPRPI says 11 spaces - it is signed as No Parking all along this side.

- Rideau from North to Raglan west side - TPRPI says 7 spaces - it is signed as No Parking all along this side.

- Rideau from Bay to North west side - TPRPI says 12 spaces - these will be marked No Parking to allow for a third lane in this block.

In these five block segments out of the 80 block segments, the TPRPI reported 47 parking spaces when in fact there are only 17 available now, and 12 of these will not be available during an event at the proposed LVEC, leaving 5 AVAILABLE, NOT 47, a 90% overstatement. I am not saying that the overstatement is that bad across the study area, but it has been overstated everywhere I checked.

One wonders how many on-street parking spaces in all zones are being MISREPORTED in the TPRPI. Mr Arthur Gordon criticized me at the May 18, 2005 public meeting for nitpicking. I criticize him for SLOPPY AND INCORRECT REPORTING OF DATA and MISCONSTRUING BASE CRITICAL INFORMATION.

On top of those ERRORS IN THE REPORT, distances of the block segments from the proposed LVEC are ERRONEOUS. The distance along the street lines from the corner of Patrick and Charles to the front door of the proposed LVEC is 1033 metres, well above the 600 metres claimed in the report. This 813-metre measure includes using a straight line from the intersection of Rideau and North Street easterly to the door of the LVEC, and not going around Bay Street.

Kingston receives its share of snow in the wintertime. Typically, streets are not cleared of snow banks for days, and sometimes weeks, in areas outside the downtown area. These snow banks can significantly reduce the amount of on-street parking available through the residential areas. In fact, snow banks can impede or even prohibit on-street parking on some street segments. None of this has been taken into account in Mr Arthur Gordon's traffic report.

In fact, Mr Arthur Gordon took a survey of how many parked cars there were in this area outside the spill-over area. He took the survey in the evening on December 6, 2004, - a time when there is a curfew on overnight parking, when winter parking regulations in the city are in effect. There were no remarks or caveats about the low number of vehicles parked on the street; the observations were simply taken as normal conditions as if they applied throughout the year. This is UNPROFESSIONAL WORK.

There is no room in a professional Traffic Impact document for "playing closies" with, or using guesswork to determine, base data. There is no reason why easily measured and counted pieces of field data cannot or should not be reported accurately. I hope no one thinks that approximations and "guesstimations" are adequate for this key document as it is entered into the record for consideration of Official Plan and Rezoning amendments in the Inner Harbour area.


P.S. Feedback notes (excluding congrats) to date - from local citizens = 11 ; from city hall, council, or other = 1


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