Kingston Concerned About the LVEC
Currently known as the "KROCK Centre"
Formerly the "Kingston Regional Sports and Entertainment Centre" or KRSEC
Formerly the "Large Venue Entertainment Centre" or LVEC
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The City's LVEC Home Page -- January 17th, 2006

Here's an informal and broad analysis of the City of Kingston's LVEC project home page as it looked on January 17th, 2006.

What's shaded in BLUE is structural, the stuff of every web page: logos, navigation menus, etc.

Shaded in GREEN is material that appears to be current and relevant.

Shaded in PINK is material that is either incorrect, dated, or of dubious applicability to the North Block LVEC.  Inexplicably, the city has maintained this incorrect, dated, or dubious information front-and-center in the LVEC materials despite reminders from KCAL that they should not be doing so.

Incorrect material includes:

Dated material includes:

Dubious items includes: