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"Have your Say" LVEC Public Meeting, April 25th 2005
Tonight everyone can be very proud to be Kingstonians.  It's really just as simple as that.  There are a lot of very smart, thoughtful people living in our midst. 

Here is the roll of speakers:

Doug Richie
Rick Waterfield
Jim Adams
Mark Murphy
Eric Davies
Vicki Schmolka
Bruce Todd
Bill Dalton
Rob Wood
Maria Crank
John Bates
A.J. Kilty
Irena Manoliu
Mary Flemming
Rob Hutchinson
Robert Harlow
Betty Harlow
Evelyn King
Andrea Gunn
Carey Bidtness
Art Acharya
Bob Joy
Hugh MackEnzie
Walter Durante
Joche Katan
Mat Abramski
Mary Louise Adams
Brian Springer
Gavin Anderson
Vinni Rebelo
Alicia Gordon
Tom Wroe
Bill Woods
Margaret Hughes
Ian Hughes
Dennis Black
Matt Julian
Lydia Macpherson
Richard Chaimberland
Richard Gold
Stuart Fyfe
Robert Mackenzie
Chris James
Sam Bakewell
Paul Fiorello

The biggest shame, if there really was one, was the 3-minute time-limit for each speaker. Many were left with much more to give to the process.

In case you are wondering, the tally was almost exactly even for both sides, about 20 each, and a significant number showed no preference.  Certainly the business community was out in force, speaking mostly earlier in the  proceedings. Throughout the evening some of the most compelling moments came from surprisingly passionate and articulate sources.

If there were any speakers from West of Sir John A Boulevard, they weren't many.  There isn't much doubt which way this thing would go in a city-wide plebiscite.  Don't they know it now.