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Letter From a Citizen

This letter from Bruce Todd was sent to all City Councilors, and to The Whig Standard on April 23, 2005.

One of the major errors in the recently released Traffic and Parking Report for the proposed LVEC is the fact that the consultant, CastleGlenn, described a walking-distance circle from the proposed site of 600 metres and 800 metres. But he used a circle described as the crow flies. No one walks that way.

One of the industry standards for determining distances in a downtown is to use the distance as the crow flies times 1.4. So you can start with the distance as the crow flies, then multiply by 1.4 to get the actual as-you-walk-the-street distance.

I used a tru-meter to walk off the distance along Wellington Street from the fenceline between the Doug Fluhrer park southerly to William Street. I feel this fenceline is a reasonable starting point because it is almost the centre of the proposed LVEC building, and the front door would be another 20 metres or so easterly from Wellington Street.

Here are the measurements along Wellington Street -

Property line between park and metalcraft - 0 feet - 0 metres

North edge of drydock - 165 feet - 56 metres

South entrance to Leeuwarden front entrance - 308 feet - 94 metres

Road into Leeuwarden parking lot - 379 feet - 116 metres

Centre of Bay Street - 614 feet - 187 metres

Entrance to OHIP parking lot - 837 feet - 255 metres

Centre of Ordnance Street - 1050 feet - 320 metres

Centre of Place D'Armes - 1195 feet - 364 metres

Centre of Barrack Street - 1462 feet - 446 metres

Centre of Queen Street - 1895 feet - 550 metres

Centre of Princess Street - 2135 feet - 651 metres

Centre of Brock Street - 2470 feet - 753 metres

Centre of Clarence Street - 2665 feet - 812 metres

Centre of Johnson Street - 3010 feet - 917 metres

Centre of William Street - 3342 feet - 1019 metres

You will note that 600 metres takes you only to halfway between Queen Street and Princess Street, not to almost Brock Street as is shown on the consultant's drawings.

I then measured distances from the LVEC to various parkimg lots using a surveyor's wheel. These are compared to the reported CastleGlenn (CG) measurements from the proposed LVEC site -

LOT Measurements in Meters Notes

These measurements are to the centre point of each lot, and cutting diagonally across lots to get to other lots where appropriate (to be on the conservative side). These are walking distances to municipal lots from the proposed LVEC front door.

Bruce Todd
Anglin 60 185  
Barrack 250 431  
Frontenac North 280 536  
Drury 390 540  
Frontenac South 280 606  
King & Queen 480 682  
Angrove 460 737  
Springer 510 745  
Ordonance 530 804  
Holiday Inn 550 833 Measured by traveling along Wellington to Place D'Armes, then easterly to the Frontenac lot, then cutting across the lot (which I considered was reasonable and conservative), then along Ontario Street and then easterly to the centre of the lot.  An error of 283m
Byron 520 889 An error of just 369 meters.


The CastleGlenn (CG) measurements result in a parking supply 80% higher than my (BT) calculations (e.g., 1132 is 80% higher than 628; and 628 is 55% of 1132) .

This is not to suggest that I agree with CastleGlenn's purported acceptable walking distances, but only that the consultant's error is exorbitant and shows to me a lack of objective data reporting provided by a professional company.

Bruce Todd