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Letter From a Citizen

This letter was sent to council and to the LVEC powers on May 5, 2005.

Hello -

If there is one thing that I expect of councilors and staff and others working on the LVEC project, or on any matter in this city, is that they are at least honest and true to their word - that they don't say anything they don't follow up on.

Take a look at what Mr Don Gedge said to council on February 1, 2005, during discussions of Report #24, regarding the Business Plan and other studies -

"I can assure you that we will take the community and council through this in every bit of detail that you want to get into so that everyone fully understands."

Mr Gedge goes on to say -

"The Business Plan will come out the third week of February. My recommendations are that we not just put out a Business Plan, that we actually have workshops - I'm talking complete workshops so that people can go through it and understand it in detail, people being starting with council and the media and then progressing and having a number of workshops through the community"

And Mr Gedge says further -

"the Traffic/Parking, Sound study we expect a draft of the middle of March - and then we will take that out of course and do the same sort of process - and I think again trying more to put it on a workshop/town hall meeting basis as opposed to going out and just having one big presentation so that people can get in and fully understand the concepts"

Now please stop and think of what the people of this community were told. Then reflect on what has happened so far -

The Business Plan was released, complete, as a PRESENTATION. The public had ONE DAY to go through the plan. Then 35 PEOPLE had ONE MINUTE to ask ONE QUESTION, and they were given NO OPPORTUNITY to reply to the answer, no matter how off base it might be. I was #63, and I and 50 or more other people went home without a chance to say anything.

Then a Traffic & Parking Phase I PRESENTATION  was made at a public meeting, with NO PRIOR TIME for anyone to review the material. Questions were allowed from council members and the steering committee members only. The public was NOT ALLOWED to speak at all. The Traffic and Parking Study Phase I still hasn't been released. All we've seen are a series of Powerpoint slides!

Finally, at a public meeting on April 25, with no prior information given to the public regarding speaking time, the public was allowed to speak for THREE MINUTES, and the steering committee refused to enter into any discussion with the public. 

It is of note that Councillor Smith spoke about the LVEC for EIGHT minutes at the council meeting May 3, 2005, before having to be cut off.

This whole process is an absolute shame on the Mayor and members of council who prohibit dialogue on this multi-million dollar venture. I have never seen such a botched public process in all my life.

Mr Don Gedge has shown that his word means nothing. There have been no workshops. There has been no attempt to "go through this in every bit of detail you want to get into". There has been no attempt to conduct the public process so that "people can get in and fully understand the concepts".

I have put forth 15 items of concern about the Business Plan. I have received ZERO answers from anyone.

November 2006 cannot come soon enough.

Bruce Todd