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Serious Problems with the LVEC Parking and Traffic Study

On April 20, 2005, CastleGlenn Consultants of Ottawa submitted a draft parking and traffic report to the City.

Problem 1: An 18% error in scale means a 40% error in  area

The circle labeled 600m in radius by CastleGlenn Consultants of Ottawa is actually about 710m in radius, an 18% error. An an 18% error on the radius is, interestingly, a 40% error in total area since the area of a circle varies with the square of its radius, and 1.18 squared is 1.4.

We checked these measurements with EMR chart 31 C/1, a handheld GPS unit, and Microsoft Mappoint, which we used to create the following diagrams. We also checked by rolling a tru-meter all the way down Wellington Street. Trust us on this one, folks: 600m down from the front door of the proposed LVEC down Wellington street does not reach Princess street.

Were that not enough, it appears that all the data, tallies, and conclusions, drawn by CastleGlenn Consultants of Ottawa are based on this fundamental misrepresentation. All the distances appear understated proportionately, which means all the lots listed by CastleGlen at over 507m are, in reality, 600m or more away from the proposed LVEC (as the crow flies).

We're estimating that CastleGlen's estimate of 2,500 stalls available within 600m (as the crow flies) of the LVEC is overstated by 40%, or about 1,000 stalls. This is simply an astonishing error.

We emphasize: this error is not just dashed-blue circle drawn too big on a Powerpoint slide, it's an error that permeates the whole study, and affects most of its conclusions in dimensional proportion.

Here's what the 18% linear (40% area) error looks like in practice. Here we've drawn what we call a proper 600m circle from the proposed LVEC:


Figure 1: CastleGlenn Consultants misrepresents a 600m circle on their aerial photo of Kingston.

Nevermind also that one should never confuse measurements "as the crow flies" and walking distances, which track along street lines. Not accepting for the moment that 600m is an acceptable walking distance standard, here's what the 600m walking envelope from the LVEC looks like when you actually measure and plot it down every street in all directions.

Therefore we're suggesting that CastelGlenn overstates the parking supply by far, far more than 40%. The blue circle below is the 40% error boundary, What's not shaded inside the blue circle below is also beyond 600m walking distance from the proposed LVEC location on Anglin Bay.

Figure 2: The difference between a 600m radius (circle) and a 600m walking distance (the line around the shaded area) in the context of the proposed LVEC on Anglin Bay.  The walking distance is measured by following the street lines.  The radius distance assumes you're traveling by helicopter.

The consultant's also drew what they called an 800m circle. The radius of that circle, which almost reaches William street at Wellington: about 925 meters. An actual 800m circle just reaches Clarence at Wellington. Unless there has been a redefinition of the metric system, CastleGlenn Consultants, the LVEC Steering Committee, and the members of the LVEC Technical Advisory Committee have some explaining to do.

Problem 2: Gross walking distance errors supplied by CastleGlenn consultants

Here is a comparison of distance measurements supplied by CastleGlenn Consultants and measurements Bruce Todd made using a surveyors' wheel:

LOT Measurements in Meters Notes

These measurements are to the centre point of each lot, and cutting diagonally across lots to get to other lots where appropriate (to be on the conservative side). These are walking distances to municipal lots from the proposed LVEC front door.

Bruce Todd
Anglin 60 185  
Barrack 250 431  
Frontenac North 280 536  
Drury 390 540  
Frontenac South 280 606  
King & Queen 480 682  
Angrove 460 737  
Springer 510 745  
Ordonance 530 804  
Holiday Inn 550 833 Measured by traveling along Wellington to Place D'Armes, then easterly to the Frontenac lot, then cutting across the lot (which I considered was reasonable and conservative), then along Ontario Street and then easterly to the centre of the lot.  An error of 283m
Byron 520 889 An error of just 369 meters.

The Anglin lot will not be used for general parking, and so it is removed from the total.

Therefore, the only lots within the 600 meter walking distance for general parking are Frontenac north (178 parking spots) and south (65), Rideaucrest (167), Drury (114), and Barrack (104), for a total parking supply of 628 parking spots, or 55% of the total of 1132 as quoted by CastleGlenn.

Using CastleGlenn's (questionable) parking availability (24% occupancy at 6:30 p.m.), there are 477 parking spots available in lots within 600 meters of the proposed LVEC, or 55% of the total reported as 860 by CastleGlenn.



Last updated April 24 2005