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Whig Standard Dec 14 2006

Arena project boss let go

The Whig-Standard
Local News - Thursday, December 14, 2006 Updated @ 9:39:35 AM

The city has said goodbye to the man originally hired to guide the downtown arena project with a severance package, but the terms of the deal are not being released.

Don Gedge returned from a five-week sick leave in early October. He took the leave to battle colon cancer. Upon his arrival for work on Oct. 2, he was told his services were no longer needed.

He signed a severance package that prohibits him from discussing the contents.

"I was disappointed, but I ... have no problem finding other projects," Gedge said in an interview from his home.

The deal came two years to the day that Gedge signed a three-year contract with the city to lead the arena project.

Gedge was brought in to guide the city through the construction, as an expert in the field.

Gedge, an economics graduate of Royal Military College, was involved with two public-private partnership projects in Kingston during the 1990s that never got off the ground.

The first was a multi-pad arena at Queen's University, the other an arts convention and sports centre for Block D.

The Thornhill businessman helped finance about a dozen other projects before he came to Kingston.

Gedge's dismissal was the result of a shakeup inside city hall, said commissioner of growth Cynthia Beech.

"We had to make some tough choices," Beach said.

She said Gedge did what he needed to do to get the business plan written and the city felt confident using its staff to oversee construction.

Beach wouldn't comment on the severance package.