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Whig Standard Jan 25 2007

Arena seats ready to sample Public can pick potential premium posterior supporters

By Jordan Press
Local News - Thursday, January 25, 2007 Updated @ 11:25:35 PM

Beginning today, residents have the chance to try out some of the seats being considered for the $41.8-million downtown arena.

A selection will be on display at the Cataraqui/Kinsmen arena, and the public can test them for comfort and style.

The seats will stay there until Feb. 2.

They range from the blue plastic, reminiscent of Toronto’s Rogers Centre, to red-and-black cushioned seat that can be found in the club section of stadiums. Suite seats will also be on display, including a black, all-leather seat.

But People shouldn’t get too comfortable – the final selection will be constrained by the budget set out in the arena’s business plan.

“There’s a variety of them, and these will not just be in terms of the sports and entertainment centre,” said project manager Lanie Hurdle. “It will also give [residents] an idea of what to look at in terms of the multiplex.”

The west-end, four-pad arena will also have some stadium seats. The downtown arena will have seating for 5,000.

The city plans to order 4,070 stadium seats, which would be regular seating in the arena bowl, 400 club section seats, 280 suite seats and 50 party seats.

The total budget for the seats in the arena project is $575,000.

So far, three companies have put in bids – and chairs – for the contract.

The 12 varieties of chairs will move to other parts of the city to give residents in all areas a chance to test them out.

The seats will move to Memorial Hall, inside Kingston City Hall, from Feb. 5 to 8, and then go on the road again to the Memorial Centre from Feb. 9 to 16.

Staff are considering a drop box next to the seats in which residents can leave their thoughts on which chair was most comfortable for their posteriors.

Failing that, residents can still write to the city with their opinions.

Work on the building’s foundation is nearly complete. The next phase of work, the steel frame, is scheduled to begin next month. The arena is supposed to open in December.