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Whig Standard September 1 2007
Big screen has big price; Arena spends $527,000 on high-definition scoreboard

Jordan Press
Local news - Saturday, September 01, 2007 @ 00:00

The downtown arena has its centre-ice scoreboard on the way, a piece of equipment worth more than a half a million dollars that will dangle above the skaters below.

With four screens, the scoreboard could be considered the largest television in Kingston.

Although it will cost more than the prescribed budget, savings found elsewhere in the building will cover the additional costs.

In total, the city will pay $527,000 for the approximately 3,600-kilogram system that will hang about nine metres above the ice, stand about 4.5 metres high and feature four high-definition, 125-inch screens.

The $46.1-million budget for the arena included $500,000 for the purchase of a scoreboard that would hang at centre ice.

After a review of four bids on the project - one was discarded for coming in over budget, another because the screen wouldn't have been very of good quality - a decision was made to go with NevCo Scoreboards for the work.

The total, with taxes, came out to $527,000.

How to pay for it without having the project go further over the originally approved budget, or dipping into the limited contingency fund, came in the form of a wall that was no longer needed.

Project manager Lanie Hurdle said the facility's private operator, Arcturus/SMG, realized it didn't need a $45,000 loading-dock wall in the arena that it thought it needed in February.

In February, council approved a more than $4.3-million increase in the arena's budget from the original $41.8 million.

Included in that increase was the $45,000 wall for the loading dock. "We looked at what was the best way of using that money," Hurdle said. "So that's how we were able to absorb it."

The remaining $18,000 will stay in the base building budget and could be used to cover any other potential excess costs in the project without causing the city to dip into the contingency fund, Hurdle said.

"It doesn't disappear," she said. "It's available to be used if need be."

The project is scheduled for completion next year.

The arena is to officially open in February 2008.