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Whig Standard November 15 2007

Township hires Segsworth; Public works boss takes on same role

By Jordan Press

When the city's commissioner of public works steps down at the end of the month, he'll take a small break before going to work for the community to the north of Kingston in the same role. Mark Segsworth will take over the role of public works manager for the Township of South Frontenac, beginning Jan. 2, 2008. Town council approved the hiring during a special meeting Tuesday night. Segsworth has lived in South Frontenac for the past 16 years. He moved there when his youngest son was two weeks old.

"We've been up here forever," Segsworth said yesterday. "It's a really good fit with the fact we've lived here for that long. It's our home."

Segsworth announced his retirement from the City of Kingston earlier this month. He said he wanted to spend more time with his family and less time working.

The new position will likely allow him to spend more time with his family and the area.

"I am excited about it and there's no question about it that the demands probably won't be as great and I'm looking forward to a little more time to enjoy life," Segsworth said.

"The reality is the only chance I had to enjoy it is on weekends."

Segsworth said he is still learning all the issues that the township council is taking on. However, Segsworth said he would approach his job knowing the township is part of the greater Kingston area and needed to position itself as being part of the region.

Roads will likely become a top priority as the township continues to grow, Segsworth said. As the population expands, the dependence on the road network is going to increase, he said.