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Whig Standard Letter February 27 2008

Parking doesn't seem scarce

I was curious after reading Bruce Todd's letter about the lack of available parking near the K-Rock Centre on a Saturday night ("City misleading public about available parking," Feb. 21). I was passing through the downtown and thought a quick drive-by past the arena could be interesting. How many parking spots were actually available at 8:30 on the eve of a sold-out event?

My short tour in the immediate area showed me that I could have showed up late to the show and had a choice of several spots within a two-minute walk.

If I wanted to pay a few bucks less and park on a city street, no fewer than 20 spots were available within a five-minute walk of the arena.

I figure that either the parking situation is manageable or that using taxis and buses, car pooling and exercise aren't as old-fashioned as some Kingstonians seem to think.

Chris Morris