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Currently known as the "KROCK Centre"
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Formerly the "Large Venue Entertainment Centre" or LVEC
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Whig Standard Letter February 27 2008

Your K-Rock Centre is no longer in my care

I am a construction worker - one of several hundred who worked on the K-Rock Centre - and I wanted to express my feelings about Kingston's new facility.

The moment I sat in one of the seats on opening night, quietly looking around, I felt it. All of a sudden, I realized the centre was no longer part of me but a vibrant and important part of Kingston. It was no longer in my care after nearly two years of sweat and toil and worry.

I felt a sense of sadness, but in the next moment I felt a sense of wonderment and excitement that transferred from the crowd to this tired soul.

I could no longer walk around the building as a part of it. I had to have a ticket. I had to have a pass to walk where previously there had been no walls or door. I helped create this building with hundreds of others, yet I watched it leave me in an instant.

The last weeks of work were feverishly busy and tiring, yet I loved the sense of accomplishment as the building came together, night after night, in the final few weeks. The pace was so fast that it thrust my emotions to a height I had never felt when working on any other building.

We argued over how the building possibly could be finished on time, and, like some Kingstonians, there were many of us who would have bet against it being ready by the opening date. However, we continued the bumbling, frantic, sometimes nonsensical charge to the momentous moment.

I hope Kingstonians are proud of their new centre. I am, and I am proud to have been part of the team that has built a part of Kingston's history.

Enjoy the K-Rock Centre for all that it is, and all that it can bring to your fair city.

Tyrone Naylor