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Whig Standard Letter February 28 2008

Expect more empty seats

Re: the story "Small hockey crowd cost the city" ( Feb 26 ).

Kingston's city councillors are living in a dream world if they believe that 2,300 people attending a Kingston Frontenacs game at the K-Rock Centre (Sunday's game against Peterborough attracted just under 2,300) is just "one poorly attended event." If the city has budgeted its ticket surcharge revenues based on 3.500 people attending each game, it is going to have a serious problem over the next couple of years, unless some major changes are made in the management of the team.

I fail to see why anyone would assume that the third-worst team in the Ontario Hockey League would suddenly experience an attendance increase just because it is playing its games in a new building. A team that attracts 2,000 people per game is still going to attract 2,000 people, no matter where it plays.

The ownership of the Frontenacs has had three years to prepare for this "grand opening" of a new arena, and it has failed miserably. One can understand now why the hockey team and the City of Kingston were eliminated from consideration for hosting the Memorial Cup tournament on the very day applications closed. All the league had to do was look at Frontenacs general manager Larry Mavety's track record to realize that the chances of the Frontenacs icing a competitive team in that tournament were slight.

If the K-Rock Centre is to attract crowds of 5.000 for Frontenacs hockey games, what is needed, if not an ownership change, is at least a change at the general manager level. If that doesn't happen, city council will have to become extremely concerned about 33 poorly attended events per year instead of just one.

Brian Cook