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Welcome to KCAL!  We believe that the City of Kingston, and Greater Kingston Area, need a new, or renewed, entertainment venue. We are not opposed to a new building - we are concerned about the overall process, and the way this project was rammed-through, and the evidently raw-deal for Kingston taxpayers, especially the shouldering of ALL financial risks.

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On the minuscule North East corner of the North Block, the City proposes to build a facility that's expandable, so they say, to 6,000 seats which is about double the capacity of the current Memorial Centre.

Plain and simple:  On the basis of the research we have done and present here, we are convinced that many aspects of the planning of the proposed Large Venue Entertainment Centre (LVEC) are not in the best interests of Kingston as a whole.

Where we are, and how the LVEC project got to this point, is documented here.  We provide links to resources on both sides in the issue.  Judge for yourself, and PLEASE make a point of telling your City Councillor how you feel about their position on this important matter.

Here is how the Memorial Centre and the North Block properties compare:

Traffic and Parking Issues

Bruce Todd's broad analysis of the Anglin Bay T&P Study: 24 weaknesses or outright fudgings.  (April 25)

Bruce Todd's detailed letters to city councilors/planners:
#14- Clearance Time After an Event (June 1 2005) - Lengthy.
#13- Parking Availability and Key Factors (May 31 2005) - inadequate.
#12- Acceptable Walking Distance (May 30 2005) - Fudged.
#11- Traffic Counts (May 29 2005) - Fudged.
#10- Study Area and Study Data (May 28 2005) - Fudged.
#9 - Infrastructure and Management (May 27 2005) - Excessive.
#8 - Determination of Mode of Travel (May 26 2005)- Fudged.
#7 - Available On-Street Parking (May 25 2005) - Fudged.
#6 - The Anglin Parking Lot (May 24 2005) - Not workable.
#5 - Display Maps (May 23 2005) - Fudged.
#4 - Drop Off and Pick Up Mode of Access (May 22 2005) - Impractical.
#3 - The Two Adjacent Parking Lots (May 21 2005) - Clearly insufficient.
#2 - No  Pedestrian Counts (May 20 2005) - Fudged.
#1 - Concerns About the Content of Phase I (May 19 2005) - Major holes.

We believe the Parking and Traffic report has serious errors that should have sent the project back for reconsideration in late April 2005.  Instead the somnolent LVEC Steering Committee apparently stacked the public consultation process, and rubber-stamped everything less than 12-hours later, at 7 A.M. the following morning.
- Serious rookie mistakes in the Parking & Traffic Study (April 25 2005)
- Adjustments for the consultant's errors (April 30 2005)  
- Parking: There isn't enough , existing or planned.
- See also: Myths about the LVEC.
Business Plan Issues

The business plan is over a year out of date, and its appendices still show diagrams of an arena on waterfront idea that died in September 2005, eight months ago.

- Link to the Business Plan documents

The business plan has not been publicly iterated since April 2005. Many of its low-balled risk factors, such as site selection delays, material cost increases, winter construction premiums, and delayed opening date, have already come to pass.

- Stewart Fyfe on the LVEC business plan (May 10 2005)
- Paul Fraresso, P.Eng: Report on the business plan (April 27 2005)
- Derek Baldwin's Critique of the Business Plan (April 16 2005)
- Bruce Todd's Critique of the Business Plan

- Stewart Fyfe on the KEDCO report (May 10 2005)

- "Stimulating" the downtown core? Questionable.
- Experience of other cities with LVECs. Not pretty.
- Mary Louise Adams' references. Kingston is no different.
- Any guarantee the Frontenacs will stay? That's not given.
- See also Myths about the LVEC.

Process Issues

The entire process so far has been autocratic, dictatorial, closed, and without any sort of serious public input beyond the that of the Downtown BIA.

Now the process is all about rushing the design, contract, and to start of construction before the municipal election date in November 2006.

- KCAL (not the city) puts  LVEC concept plan image online (6 MB)
(not the city) puts Traffic and Parking Study online (12 MB)
- Citizen Participationis notably absent from this process.
- Patti Arnold's points about LVEC anomalies (May 6)
- Bruce Todd's letter about the process so far. (May 5)
- The process: responsibility & accountability: The chronology so far.

- Notes from April 24, 2005 presentations : Mary Louise Adams, Irena Manoliu, Joche Katan, Betty Harlow, Robert Mackenzie

See also Myths about the LVEC.

Comments from our readers

Additional documents:
- January 2004 rena Capacity Report
- 2004 Communities Arena Report
- Cromarty Report
- Relevant extracts from Waterfront and Official Plans, Zoning By-laws

Latest items:
Mar 16 2008: Expect our docile Council to just smile and nod
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Feb 26 2008: Observations from a long-time season ticket holder
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Feb 24 2008: Sunday (LVEC game 2) Frontenacs attendance: 2283
Feb 22 2008: Who's lording over you now?
Feb 21 2008: Bogus artificial deadlines: obvious tactical mistakes made 14-months ago
Feb 20 2008: Bruce Todd slams City Hall for deceptive advertising
Feb 19 2008: In St. John's: Big acts, big losses
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Feb 16 2008: Celebrate THIS! #4: Google ranks City #1 for the keywords "dispersed parking"
Feb 11 2008: The Mayor, KROCK, John Wright, and Anglin Bay - a pecuniary interest?
Feb 3 2008: Naming rights in Sault Ste. Marie going sour
Jan 31 2008: Celebrate THIS! #3: Joe deMora and the "silent majority"
Jan 29 2008: Combined LVEC calendars of Mississauga, Oshawa, Guelph, and Sault Ste-Marie
Jan 27 2008: The Whig: Ken Wong and Jeff Garrah on prosperity
Jan 25 2008: Still more LVEC-related money-grabbing
Jan 23 2008: Celebrate THIS! #2: The CastleGlenn traffic and parking study
Jan 22 2008: Julie Brown: powder-puff 

Disagree? Show us one.

Project red flags Updated Feb 18 2008

The accessibility disgrace

Deceitful project accounting

Inadequate contingency

Project documentation

KPMG exposes City staff weaknesses

And a second KPMG Report is covered up

Coverup of the public record on the City of Kingston website

The Downtown Kingston power network

The LVEC / KRSEC brand in peril

Bogus artificial deadlines

Project management committees

The shrinking Downtown Kingston BIA

Don Gedge's firing kept secret for 2 months (!)

A glance at government funding

City of Kingston's statement of taxpayer immunity

Oshawa: Fans are not showing up, and few shows

The sweetheart deal with the Kingston Frontenacs

Sarnia:not pretty

Sault Ste Marie - 5,000 seats, $25M

Scale-independent $ parallels with Big O, Skydome

Stale docs, no new drawings, but "design at 90%"

Broken law? Entertainment facilities and dev. charges

KEDCO's Garrah misallocated, not scoring with the feds

Some of our more notable items.  More here.

KTA: LVEC-related votes by Council
Derelict:  The  LVEC "Steering Committee"

KEDCO: Economic Benefits of the LVEC (Apparently, it works out to about $60 per ticket.  KEDCO is an arm of the ultra-pro-downtown Council that sat between 2003 and 2006).

Responding to the deceptive $50,000 pro-LVEC ad campaign:
It is being touted by a campaign so misleading it would never be approved to sell used cars or soap. -- Claude Scilley, Sports Editor, Whig Standard, May 27, 2006.  Click to see what's behind each advert..


Whig: Are we even in the running? Forget the Memorial Cup. 

The BIA evidently stacks the April 25th LVEC public meeting
- Robert Mackenzie -- April 25 2005 LVEC Meeting
- Mary Louise Adams -- April 25 2005 LVEC Meeting

- Public Consultation Window Dressing

KCAL petition (3,700 signatures) drops on Council

Reply to The Whig's inane editorial of November 3rd, 2005
The boulevarding of Wellington street
LVEC expenses of $804,004 to March 31st 2006

KROCK 105.7: Rob Baker and "Friends of the EC"
- Friends' list padded with names of minors and children
- Spot the differences - "problems with Photoshop"
- Intrinsically deceptive pro-LVEC advertising (also here and here)

A look at the City's LVEC home page
- City Website: LVEC Backgrounder

- Whig: LVEC would be taller than drawings suggest
- TVCOGECO -- Multiplex and LVEC segments cut

KTW: Private report refutes LVEC biz plan
Experience of other cities with LVECs. Not pretty.
Citizen Participation is notably absent from this whole process.

Whig: Experts dispute belief arenas revitalize downtowns


KCAL petition (3,700 signatures) drops on Council
Whig Standard letter tally (to Jan 14 2006 running 188-75 against)
Friends of the EC: 9 months, fewer than 820 names, still "selling" the Anglin Bay waterfront site. (Site is went offline in August 2006)
Youth of Kingston online petition: fewer than 200 names collected over one year approx


Whig: If you build it, they won't leave
The Globe: THE Underachievers

Read the Task Force Report on an LVEC .

LVEC Site and Site Selection Issues

The LVEC's site selection was conducted in secret, and apparently no supporting documentation survives.  There has never been any semblance of a forthright site selection process in this project.  Shoehorning it into a proximate but wildly suboptimal footprint trumps whether it intrinsically works there.  There is plenty of evidence that it doesn't work on the North Block, all the while only wishful thinking says it does.

- The view from a former township: Why are the interests of the former townships and the other areas of the city systematically ignored in favour of the downtown when it comes to planning the city's major projects?
- See also: Myths about the LVEC.


The contents of this website are based on information available at the time it was constructed. However, feasibility studies are under way, and depending on their outcomes, the concerns expressed on this website could be allayed, confirmed, or deepened. This could result in the modification or even elimination of some or all of the articles included here. Please check this website a few days after learning of any significant developments respecting the proposed LVEC, such as reports to City Council, or breaking stories in the local media: alerts advising of any changes which have been made to the website will be provided on this homepage.

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