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Formerly the "Kingston Regional Sports and Entertainment Centre" or KRSEC
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The KCAL News Feed -- February 2006
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February 21, 2006

Whig: Design dean criticizes arena plan
One of Kingston's authorities on its architecture, Lily Inglis, says the LVEC process is flawed.
The process by which companies are competing to design and build a downtown entertainment centre is flawed, says the woman who could be considered the dean of city architects.

Lily Inglis retired in 2002 at age 76 from an award-winning 40-year career of designing and preserving Kingston buildings.

She says the city is going about the design of the large venue entertainment centre backwards.

"It's absolutely not the way to get a good building," Inglis told The Whig.

Read the whole thing.
Published: 02/21/06 09:21:13 AM
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February 19, 2006

LVEC RFP Documents posted on the city website

Despite numerous difficulties in accessing these documents, we've hacked the non-functioning javascript obfuscation created by the comfortable and uncooperative civil servants who run the City of Kingston website. Here are links that work in all browsers, sans javascript popup obfuscations:

There are a number of surprises in these documents. Here are some of them, with more to come.

The somnolent and dysfunctional LVEC Steering Committee, which hasn't met in nearly 33 weeks, proposes to pay for unsuccessful bids. .

Note: Surprise! The proposed opening date is Dec 15, 2007 and not September 2007 as we've been lead to believe since April 2004.

There are many more issues with these documents, which we will be highlighting in the coming days.

Published: 02/19/06 03:42:50 PM
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February 18, 2006

Whig: Arena plan at critical point

Today's Whig reports that the city is ready for LVEC bids.

Yesterday, two thick and detailed documents were released that describe what the city wants built and how it should be operated.

"It is a critical decision point," said senior manager Cynthia Beach, who is guiding the project.

Local politicians will be asked Tuesday to approve the documents.

Read the whole thing.

Of course, and as usual, there's absolutely nothing about this on the City's LVEC pages.

Published: 02/18/06 09:35:49 AM
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