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The KCAL News Feed -- April 2008
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April 17, 2008

863 Princess street
Rosen Building in Kingston, Ontario

Here are pictures of The Rosen Building at 863 Princess Street.

Below are its roadside sign and the directory inside.

Related: Rick Downes steps-up on Mayor Rosen's apparent conflict of interest about Anglin Bay.

Anglin Bay was supposed to be the LVEC's location between March 2004 and November 2005. That property is directly connected to the owner of the K-ROCK radio station.

Rosen Building Sign in Kingston, OntarioRosen Building Sign in Kingston, Ontario
Published: 04/17/08 02:13:43 PM
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April 10, 2008

Rick Downes steps-up on Mayor Rosen's apparent conflict of interest

Today The Whig finally reports on Rick Downes' 3-week old legal action: "Legal challenge calls for mayor's job" is the Whig's headline which is somewhat misleading.

Related: The Mayor, KROCK, John Wright, and Anglin Bay - a pecuniary interest? from February 11th 2008.

Published: 04/10/08 12:35:58 PM
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April 9, 2008

The decline of the Kingston Whig-Standard

Jamie Swift has written an insightful piece titled The decline of the Kingston Whig-Standard, with the subheading "New Editor also serves on the Kingston Chamber of Commerce".

The Whig's publisher is Ron Laurin. And reporters have even been told by the publisher how to compose their stories. A case in point: On November 28, 2007 Laurin sent a memo to then-editor Christina Spencer instructing his underlings how to describe Kingston's controversial downtown arena, a pet project of the city's business elite.

"We need to discontinue our practice of referring to our City's new Kingston Regional Sports and Entertainment Centre as an arena," wrote Laurin.

This is an ad man's perspective. It's all about branding. Understandable, if you see a local paper simply as a promotional vehicle for pet projects of the booster boys. But troublesome if you're a journalist who values the integrity of your craft.

Read the whole thing, originally published by The Straight Goods.

Published: 04/09/08 09:28:54 PM
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April 8, 2008

Michael Davies' edifice complex
Edifice complex

Spot the cluster. Now add the Downtown Action Plan that systematically pumps millions into the Downtown, year after year, with no effective end in sight.

Looking ahead, Pin 7 "Police station" conveniently vacates public land next to the LVEC. How do you expect that to go?

Also in the near-term: Marinas, specifically Confed. Who, we wonder, is potentially first-in-line for that? More focus downtown.

And downtown Kingston? nearly zero money down, and not stepping-up to its responsibilities because, with Harvey Rosen for Mayor, they don't have to.

Remember this whenever you hear Ed Smith or Harvey Rosen (also here) play the "parochial" card, and when you hear some people praise the Mayor.

Michael Davies, very evidently, has an edifice complex.

I will go on record that Rosen's performance as mayor is unparalleled for the last 50 years.

Now read this sharp retort from former Kingston mayor Isabel Turner.

Judge for yourself.

While we are on the subject, here's a backgrounder on Michael Davies relating to Harvey Rosen and the LVEC:

Related: We've lamented Kingston's edifice complex before.

Published: 04/08/08 04:22:22 AM
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April 7, 2008

"K-ROCK Centre woes continue" -- Promoter

Here's an interesting article by a concert promoter describing the exasperation involved in trying to book the K-Rock Centre (LVEC). It's apparently not just the LVEC, but other Kingston venues too.

He was trying to book Faber Drive, a 2008 Juno-award nominated band from Mission BC, one of Much Music's most-aired Canadian bands during the past couple of years. The band has recently performed in Cornwall and Brockville.

The fact that they are not answering requests should be very disturbing for the taxpayers of Kingston, considering every paid event at the K-Rock Centre is an important part of the arena's financing plan. Continuous rental of the facility for shows and sporting events means councilors won't have to dip into city reserves to pay the mortgage on the $46.5-million centre, or possibly even raise taxes. The City of Kingston better make some changes, and quickly, if this facility is going to be self-sustaining.

Updated: Check out the related comments online while you still can.

Published: 04/07/08 12:03:36 PM
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