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The KCAL News Feed -- August 2005
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August 28, 2005

Whig: 'Friends' distort arena size

Derek Baldwin reports in the Saturday edition of The Whig on the deliberately forged imagery on the Friends of the Entertainment Centre website.

Elsewhere in Kingston's mainstream media, Kingston This Week and CKWS-TV both prominently featured the Friends' 11-page website.

Published: 08/28/05 10:47:20 PM
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August 26, 2005

Spot the differences (Updated, again)

Today there is little doubt about who's misinforming whom. The recently unveiled Friends of the Entertainment Centre website features, on every page, obviously and deliberately forged images of the proposed LVEC.

Hint: compare the heights of the LVEC as presented. Click the images to go to the respective sources.

Note also that the city's image is undersized by 5 feet in height to begin with.

This is a shameful day for the founders of The Friends of the LVEC, which include Rob Baker, Michael Davies, George Speal, Carl Holmberg, Ken Wong, Marg & Bill Knapp, Bill Leggett, Sonny Sadinsky, Mat Abramsky, Alicia & Barry Gordon, Audrey & Reg Shadbolt, Barry Keefe, and Robert Boucher.

Update I: An astute reader forwards us this animated illustration that shows what the Friends of the Entertainment Centre are up to with their manipulations.

Update II: The Whig reports on Wednesday that they finally changed, after several days, the website's logo, but there is no explanation of why all this happened in the first place. Don Gedge speculates that "they didn't do a good job of Photoshop".

Below are the two images used to create the Friends' original home page:



Note that the distortion occurs within the second image, and not as a result of stitching the two images together. This is not a case of "difficulty with Photoshop". It's a botched forgery.

Published: 08/26/05 03:13:33 PM
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City Website: LVEC Backgrounder

The city has just posted this LVEC Backgrounderdocument.

Most Kingstonians agree that the Entertainment Centre is one of the best investments the City has ever made.

Read the whole thing.

Published: 08/26/05 02:24:34 PM
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KROCK 105.7: Rob Baker and "Friends of the Entertainment Centre"

This morning KROCK 105. 7 enthusiastically plugged Rob Baker of the Tragically Hip as the lead spokesman for a group named "Friends of the Entertainment Centre".

Their website is Their "founding members" page is here. Right now the only "substantive" material on the site, if we can call it that, is a rehash of this page from the City of Kingston website.

KROCK had Rob Baker and Councillor Steve Garrison on the air between 8:00 AM and 9:00 AM today in what was an overt "pile on Garrison" session by the KROCK host and a laughably misinformed and disillusioned Rob Baker, along with "publicly diss the caller" towards any listener who dared to phone and question why Kingston's waterfront should be used for this purpose.

KROCK is owned by none other than John Wright. The website is registered to Mat Abramsky (see also here ).

Expect Kingston's mainstream media to fall for the star-backed publicity.

Published: 08/26/05 08:05:50 AM
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The Heritage: City's LVEC negotiators close to signing deals

Bill Hutchins reports in this week's Heritage newspaper that deals with two parties that stand to gain from the proposed waterfront LVEC are close at hand.

Published: 08/26/05 03:13:24 AM
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August 23, 2005

Whig: Springers to get say on Market events

The Market Square renaming fiasco is far more odious than previously thought. Read Derek Baldwin's interesting summary of the whole thing so far.

The Springer family also owns the Kingston Frontenacs, and stand to be major beneficiaries of the proposed taxpayer-financed LVEC.

Published: 08/23/05 09:31:43 AM
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LVEC Budget Expenditures to June 30, 2005

We've received the following reportshowing that, up to June 30th 2005, almost a half-million dollars had already been sunk into the Anglin Bay LVEC project. These are direct expenses only, and don't include allocations, like staff time.

Published: 08/23/05 09:14:27 AM
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August 18, 2005

Letter: Roger Fielding

Roger Fielding sent this letter to The Whig, the Mayor, and members of Council on August 5, 2005. It was published in The Whig last week.

Published: 08/18/05 10:04:29 AM
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August 16, 2005

The Heritage: Consultant is no stranger to stadium controversy in Kingston

Bill Hutchings reports that the consultant chosen for the so-called "LVEC marketing study" is Ron Bidulka, described in the article as a LVEC supporter.

Published: 08/16/05 01:42:24 PM
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August 15, 2005

City Website: August 31st Planning Committee Meeting (Update)

The City of Kingston's online meetings calendar has recently been updated, without explanation, to include a "Special Planning Meeting - OP and Zoning By-Law Amendments (Large Venue Entertainment Centre) " at 6:30 PM on August 31st.


There is yet no agenda published.

Update:This meeting has been postponed, and the word is it won't happen until mid-October at least.

Published: 08/15/05 03:12:43 PM
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August 11, 2005

Letter: Tony Malavenda of Syracuse, NY

The Kingston Whig Standard published this letter from Tony Malavenda of Syracuse, NY. Mr Malavenda is a boater who uses Kingston's Confederation Basin Marina as a base.

Published: 08/11/05 10:25:26 PM
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August 8, 2005

92 ft Powerboat at Anglin Bay Marina (Updated August 10th)

We've just been forwarded these photos of a 92-foot powerboat berthed at Kingston Marina on Anglin Bay for the next few days. The word on the waterfront is this vessel was not well received at Confederation Basin.

Update August 9th: CKWS-TV has this story of what happened to this vessel at Confederation Basin marina on Sunday.

Update August 10th:CKWS follows up with this story with quotes from councillor Sarah Meers, who's been there. Kingstonians are generally unaware of the poor quality of Confederation Basin Marina:no fuel, no pumpout, no chandelry, no nearby grocery store, no convenient liquor or beer store,short and narrow finger docks, very noisy metal dock junctions underfoot, limited fresh water and power, boats packed together, no anchoring, and all around are windows looking down on you. In wheeled terms, take the worst RV park you can imagine and, except for the downtown location, what you have is probably better than Confederation Basin Marina.

The City's promotion of its marinasis also most embarassing.

The City of Kingston just doesn't "get" the marina business. What's more, in terms of the LVEC, the so-called "Stakeholders Advisory Marina Sub-Committee" has produced this error-filled and, frankly, ridiculous two-page draft reportthat doesn't make any of this any better and, quite likely, far worse since it recommends a marina capacity and service downgrade for the City.

Published: 08/08/05 02:38:43 PM
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August 4, 2005

National Fisherman: Protect Our Communities

We've been forwarded this interesting short editorial by Jerry Fraser, the editor of National Fisherman Magazine, on the theme of threats to working waterfronts. This particular editorial talks of the fishing business, but could well apply to boat building and even to boating and marina operations.

Essentially, there are many pitfalls that arise from people who don't have a clue about what makes a self-sustaining waterfront and, as the editorial points out, we must add tax-grabbing municipalities to the list.

The central theme is that once the current LVEC proposal is defeated because of its ridiculous and mysteriously-selected location, the fight to preserve Anglin Bay for productive marine purposes won't be over. Once we get past this episode of erratic shenanigans, what we really need is a new and realistic vision for the inner harbour and Anglin Bay area.

Published: 08/04/05 10:58:02 AM
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