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The KCAL News Feed -- August 2007
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August 24, 2007

Hershey Centre hosts Skate Canada events

Arcturus SMG, the firm that will manage Kingston's LVEC, also manages Mississauga's Hershey Centre.

Last week this news: Hershey Centre hosts Skate Canada events, which will take place on December 5-9 2007. Some 500 of Canada's best skaters are expected to try and qualify for the 2008 BMO Canadian Figure Skating Championships (January 16-20, 2008 in Vancouver) and the 2008 BMO Skate Canada Junior Nationals (January 30-February 2, 2008 in Ottawa).

It's good that Mississauga's facility is able to attract and stage this sort of middle-tier sporting event.

The Hershey Centre:

It sounds like a very useful and functional facility, one with lots of future upsides, doesn't it?

How does Kingston's "vision", and the Mayor's sycophants who pine about it, look now? The dysfunctional LVEC has one pad, so no warmup rink, so no chance whatsoever of landing an event like this.

More on the indoor arenas of Mississauga, a city of 700,000.

Published: 08/24/07 12:58:25 AM
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August 22, 2007

Beware of chatter about "Vision" and "Visionaries"

One of the great things with the recent Google Maps imagery upgrade of the Kingston region is you can easily zoom-in fairly close to many features like, for example, the Memorial Centre and the LVEC site at exactly the same scale. Like this:

We've placed shapes enclosing the two buildings. For the LVEC, we've used one of the available drawings to roughly position and scale it correctly on its undersized lot.

Here's what we get when we superimpose the resulting shapes.

One conclusion is immediately evident: Anyone who thinks the LVEC is a much larger and more functional facility than the Memorial Centre is in for a rude awakening.

The LVEC isn't, in fact, much bigger than the Memorial Centre. The LVEC occupies a minimally larger surface, but inside it must house a bigger bowl, plus luxury suites, more washroom space, more concession space and storage, a sit-down restaurant, and more space for the exclusive use of the Kingston Frontenacs. Moreover its curved outside wall severely limits the functionality of a large portion of the building. All aspects of the LVEC's accessibility and logistics are atrocious in comparison to the Memorial Centre.

We've been reading quite a lot recently about the "vision" thing. Yesterday in The Whig, for example, David Morris had a piece published titled Principles without vision. Read the whole thing; it's funny.

When the LVEC saga finally plays out, it may become evident that it's the wrong building, in the wrong place, a significant drain on the city as opposed to a magical motor of economic development, financed and paid-for by all the wrong people.

History will no doubt properly judge the so-called "visionairies", and those who today tout them. Meanwhile what we're reading is nothing but wishful thinking and a denial of all the evidence that indicates that the LVEC may become an embarassing money-losing white elephant.

Published: 08/22/07 11:25:57 AM
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August 21, 2007

Tony Houghton, again: "Kingston is an exciting place, thanks to the previous council"

"Kingston is an exciting place, thanks to the previous council", says Tony Houghton, again.

Apparently, if Tony Houghton is to be believed, the LVEC is "bound to be a success".

Our collection of Tony Houghton's pro-LVEC pronouncements continues to expand. Here it is:

Tony Houghton has said quite a lot about the LVEC in the pages of The Whig.

However we don't see Mr Houghton's name, and many others', in the list of donors to the LVEC, nearly four months into the fundraising campaign.

When, or if, Tony Houghton finally contributes it won't be enough.

Published: 08/21/07 07:18:39 PM
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Whig Editorial twice calls the LVEC an "arena and convention centre"

This is funny: In an editorial about uncertainty surrounding the Modern Fuel art gallery, The Whig today twice calls the LVEC a "convention centre".

The question facing Modern Fuel and city hall is whether the gallery will still "fit" the neighbourhood once the $46.1-million arena and convention centre is completed.

One wonders what they really do at The Whig.

The LVEC is a hockey bowl, with snack bar counters, washrooms, dressing rooms, a restaurant typical of buildings like this, offices for the Kingston Frontenacs, a ticket office, ice-arena operations space, and not much else. Here's a dated diagram of the LVEC's 100 level and one of the LVEC's 200-level.

Convention centre? Where?

Published: 08/21/07 12:59:47 PM
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August 16, 2007

LVEC to open Feb. 22, 2008

Here's today's City press release stating the Sports And Entertainment Centre To Open Feb. 22, 2008. The report in today's Whig says more: the arena won't be finished, just able to host events.

Even better news: On that night, the Kingston Frontenacs should achieve their second sellout crowd in seven full seasons.

Published: 08/16/07 10:28:48 AM
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August 14, 2007

Nothing LVEC-related on tonight's Council agenda

There is apparently nothing LVEC-related on tonight's Council agenda.

Considering the laughable lack of communications about the project recently, and also the backlog of bad news that Staff is obviously remiss to admit, things are likely a lot worse than most people imagine right now.

Published: 08/14/07 03:22:30 PM
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