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The KCAL News Feed -- October 2005
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October 30, 2005

LVEC-related items on the November 1st Council agenda

There are two LVEC-related items on Tuesday's Council agenda.


Such is the rush to ram this project through before the next election that CEO Glen Laubenstein doesn't even identify the correctblock in subsection 1 (it's between King and Ontario, not Wellington and King), and in subsection 3, Mr Laubenstein recommends that the Mayor, who we believe has shown little project sensibility, be given carte blanche to henceforth make all deals related to the LVEC. This is outrageous.

Read the full text of Mr. Laubenstein's recommendations in Report No. : 05-385.

Considering that Castleglenn's much ridiculed Traffic and Parking study mentions the Lasalle Causeway exactly zero times, we expect that, at minimum, council should make the North Block location subject to a true traffic and parking study.

Further down, on page 16 of the agendawe see Councillor Downes' motion related to Anglin Bay.

Hear hear!

Published: 10/30/05 04:34:57 PM
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October 29, 2005

The North Block study is out

The North Block studywas released yesterday, at least two weeks ahead of schedule.

Both CKWS-TVand The Whighave stories about it.

Here are diagrams of what's proposed.

Published: 10/29/05 10:19:10 AM
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October 22, 2005

CKWS-TV: Councillor Rick Downs wants Anglin Bay off the table

CKWS-TV reportsthat Councillor Rick Downes will put forth a motion at the next council meeting to remove Anglin Bay from consideration as a possible site for the LVEC. The motion would also prevent the Memorial Centre from being sold to finance it.

A possible snag: Councillor Bittu George, a recent convert to sparing Anglin Bay, will be out of town.

Published: 10/22/05 11:23:53 AM
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October 21, 2005

Hundreds attend MetalCraft Marine's open house (Updated)
Update: Here is CKWS-TV's story on the MetalCraft Marine open house.

Here below is undoubtedly the best photograph taken at this afternoon's MetalCraft Marine open house, which was attended by at least two to three hundred people who were treated to displays, donuts, coffee, great conversation and camaraderie on a brilliant Kingston afternoon. Thanks to MetalCraft Marine for putting on such a great event!

The talented photographer behind this photo goes by the name "Wavespire". He has a brilliant collection of Kingston photos on Flickr including several from Anglin Bay and surrounding area.

Published: 10/21/05 08:41:24 PM
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October 19, 2005

MetalCraft Marine: open house Friday 1-3 PM
MetalCraft Marineis hosting an open house Friday to thank Kingstonians for saving its shipyard. Other members of Kingston's lively working waterfront will be there as well.

Published: 10/19/05 10:35:48 AM
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October 16, 2005

Letter: Robert Mackenzie. The North Block. Should We Jump for It?

Robert Mackenzie sent us this letter which he sent to the Mayor and Councillors.

Published: 10/16/05 04:13:23 PM
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Whig: Experts dispute belief arenas revitalize downtowns

This excellent article reminds us that evidence of the benefits of downtown arenas is in dispute.

Published: 10/16/05 04:12:45 PM
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October 14, 2005

The Whig: Federal grant may aid arena

Today The Whig published this storyabout an interview with Federal Liberal House Leader Tony Valeriwho reportedly stated that a grant under the COMRIF program, the "Canada-Ontario Municipal Rural Infrastructure Fund", might be a potential source of funding for the LVEC.


Here's a list of recentCOMRIF grant recipients.

Looking through the COMRIF Step-By-Step Online application Guide we note some of the guidelines. While Federal funding would be welcome, don't bet on this one.

Published: 10/14/05 11:36:49 AM
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KTW: District residents have more support for LVEC on North Block

Kingston This Week has published this storyabout the meeting chaired by Rick Downes on Wednesday evening.

We also have this scan of an article published by The Whig on Thursday. The title of that article is "New site lauded but process called a sham" though KCAL members who were there report that certainly nobody who spoke "lauded" the North Block site.

Published: 10/14/05 11:28:12 AM
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October 11, 2005

LVEC Official Plan & Zoning Meeting Postponed

The Anglin Bay zoning meeting, originally scheduled for October 27th, has been postponed.

Published: 10/11/05 05:58:13 PM
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October 8, 2005

Media Advisory: King's Town District Public Meeting

City Councillor Rick Downes will host a King's Town District Public Meeting on Wednesday, October 12, 2005. The purpose of this meeting is to seek community input on the proposed site change for the LVEC to what is known as the "North Block. "

WHAT:King's Town District Public Meeting to seek community input on the proposed site change for the Large Venue Entertainment Centre to what is known as the "North Block. "

WHERE: Artillery Park Gymnasium, 76 Ordnance Street, Kingston, Ontario

WHEN:Wednesday, October 12, 2005 from 7 p. m. to 9 p. m.

Published: 10/08/05 05:48:22 PM
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