Kingston Concerned About the LVEC
Currently known as the "KROCK Centre"
Formerly the "Kingston Regional Sports and Entertainment Centre" or KRSEC
Formerly the "Large Venue Entertainment Centre" or LVEC
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Summary of LVEC-Related letters to The Whig Standard
Includes letters up to January 14 2006)
  Results to
 January 14th 2006
Results to
September 17 2005
Total number of letters published 375 328
Total number of authors 279 246
Authors supporting the proposed LVEC 75 (26.8%) 66 (27%)
Authors Against 188 (67.4%) 166 (67%)
Unknown 16 (5.7%) 14 (6%)


Total number of letters published: 375,
Total number of authors= 279, of which For (75)-- Against (188) -- Unknown (16)

Date Name Title Position
2004.04.20 Soper, Anna This plan stinks Against
2004.04.20 Roddick, Paul This time they got it right For
2004.04.20 Hunt, Audrey Bravo, a good plan For
2004.04.20 Moreton, Bette Block D concerns still apply Against
2004.04.20 Barr, Joe Downtown location wrong place for Centre Against
2004.04.23 Sonnevelt, Louis Choose a more central location Against
2004.04.23 Fletcher, J W Task Force picked wrong site Against
2004.04.23 Gekowski, Bill Downtown arena would worsen congestion Against
2004.04.23 Cartwright, K E B Save Kingston's waterfront land Against
2004.04.23 Kennedy, Edward Spend money on necessities Against
2004.04.28 Morgan, David Mayor's Task Force did impressive job Against
2004.04.28 Moizer, David City should go back to the drawing board Against
2004.04.28 Genereux, Walter Memorial Centre new Block D? Against
2004.04.28 Revelle, Rick One-site plan puts arena on rocky road Against
2004.04.29 Riddoch, T A Proposed arena looks like a pig in a poke Against
2004.04.30 Etherington, J&M-S Speak up - arena supporters For
2004.04.30 Johnston, Irene Arena not subject of meeting Against
2004.05.01 MacLean, Susan We can't afford new centre Against
2004.05.01 Gordon, B and A Support bold initiative to build new arena For
2004.05.03 Good, Maureen If arena is built there goes the neighbourhood Against
2004.05.03 WilsonL&DempseyL Projects may not be good for two sites Against
2004.05.06 Morris, D J Insist projects move ahead For
2004.05.06 McCartney, Jim Arena not bad compared to tank farm For
2004.05.06 Spence, S B Build an arena but make it a curling rink Against
2004.05.06 Murphy, Frank Inner Harbour wrong location Against
2004.05.06 Fairman, Frederick Inner Harbour site has same problems as Block D site Against
2004.05.06 Urbancic, Sara Elite facility would be huge mistake Against
2004.05.07 Stafford, Hugh C Why not rebuild M Centre? Against
2004.05.07 Eaton, Michael Save downtown waterfront green space Against
2004.05.07 Drynan, J T Highway 401 area best site for a new arena Against
2004.05.10 Wong, Ken A new community centre - the choice is yours, Kingston For
2004.05.10 Foster, Leonore Mayor's task force wasn't bought For
2004.05.10 Knapp, Douglas J More information needed to evaluate plan Against
2004.05.10 Price, Joan Price Save M Centre for skaters Against
2004.05.11 Daley, Al Anglin Bay wrong location Against
2004.05.11 Moore, David M Arena site chosen by task force, not public Against
2004.05.12 Fritz, Paul Inner Harbour arena would obliterate past Against
2004.05.13 Skolnick, Martin The LVEC: go ahead slowly and carefully - but go ahead For
2004.05.15 Sadinsky, Sonny Task Force report impressive For
2004.05.15 Harlow, Elizabeth LVEC location issue handled secretively Against
2004.05.17 Crawford, Brenda LVEC: Kingston's fall fair won't be lost in shuffle Against
2004.05.17 LaFlamme, Fred Road testing the all-new LVEC For
2004.05.17 Laschinger, Susan Traffic concerns must be addressed Against
2004.05.17 Horwood, Bert Build an LVEC shouldn't be Kingston's top priority Unknown
2004.05.18 Brown, Kaaren Centre unlikely to be a gem Against
2004.05.18 Moreton, Bette Don't forget the road Against
2004.05.18 Hartlin, Edmund The centre and that $3-million BIA offer Against
2004.05.18 Waterfield, Nick Kingston's crossroads: let's choose change For
2004.05.19 Barnum, Sheila Waterfront: follow Gan's lead Against
2004.05.19 Campbell, Howard LVEC: make public needs top priority Against
2004.05.19 Mylks, Gord Mobilization time for silent majority For
2004.05.19 Daye, Tommy Visionary Rosen did great job of choosing LVEC task force Against
2004.05.19 Dunlop, Lillian Dunlop More going on than meets the eye Against
2004.05.19 Sumner, Bradley D Move beyond NIMBY attitude For
2004.05.21 Warren, James Inner Harbour is right location For
2004.05.21 Wedseltoff, Thomas Put other projects ahead of LVEC Unknown
2004.05.22 Fletcher, J W LVEC would hurt city's heritage downtown Against
2004.05.22 Shales, Lloyd Poll the public on future of M Centre Unknown
2004.05.27 Smith, Darren Smith Consider Lake Ontario Park Against
2004.05.27 Pye, Robin LVEC: Kingston has an overactive NIMBY response For
2004.05.28 Good, Maureen LVEC: Neighbourhood would be a parking lot Against
2004.05.29 Downes, Rick Councillor Downes on the LVEC: I cannot support moving forward Against
2004.05.29 Adam, Tom Put arena on Cricket Field Against
2004.05.31 L'Abbe, Bob LVEC: Speak up, silent majority For
2004.06.02 Walker, Peter Parking downtown isn't a problem For
2004.06.02 Ritchie, Doug Downtown is the place for an LVEC For
2004.06.04 Calnan, Joe Preserve Inner Harbour's shipbuilding tradition Against
2004.06.04 Scott, Bob LVEC: work towards success For
2004.06.08 Brodie, Don LVEC: study access, parking Unknown
2004.06.08 Robinson, Michael Safe is death For
2004.06.09 Girling, Alexis Solve Kingston's many problems before building LVEC Against
2004.06.10 Fitsell, W J (Bill) LVEC: Memorial Centre is best site Against
2004.06.10 Walker, David M C LVEC would make fine city even better For
2004.06.10 Kish, Erl Save Kingston's Memorial to those who sacrificed Unknown
2004.06.11 O'Connor, Fergus NIMBY's right about arena - build it somewhere else Against
2004.06.12 Holmes, W J LVEC study continues, pesticide study shelved Against
2004.06.14 Hawkins, R G Majority support mayor and the LVEC For
2004.06.16 Potter, Mark Our big opportunity: Let's say why not? instead of why? For
2004.06.16 Donovan, Kim Developer comments on LVEC: Go ahead with inspired vision For
2004.06.17 Wright, Terry LVEC: Was Cricket Field considered? Against
2004.06.17 Rawson, Eric G Alcan property is the best place to build a new arena Against
2004.06.18 McCue, Tim Arena would suck life out of thriving downtown community Against
2004.06.18 Keene, R Listen to Rick Downes Against
2004.06.18 Soper, Andy LVEC opponents more hard-headed than business supporters Against
2004.06.19 Hineman, William K Approve LVEC in principle For
2004.06.22 Finlay, Marjorie LVEC: Site should be developed residentially Against
2004.06.22 Hermiston, Ross Waterfront arena makes no sense Against
2004.06.22 Fletcher, James Learn from Toronto Against
2004.06.24 Robinson, Bernie LVEC would be catalyst for economic growth For
2004.06.24 Drynan, J F Best place to build arena is near 401 Against
2004.06.24 Ohtake, Ken Community ice users deserve publicly owned facilities Against
2004.07.02 Mackenzie, Robert Let's hear pros and cons of various arena sites Against
2004.07.02 Walsh, Tim LVEC's neighbours can expect a racket Against
2004.07.06 Christmas, Candice Go ahead and build people place downtown For
2004.07.06 FyfeS&MacIntoshN Cost to taxpayers double what report says Against
2004.07.06 Pearson, Chas Arena not a priority for everyone Unknown
2004.07.06 Breen, Bernie Run LVEC parking experiment Unknown
2004.07.07 Bark, Louise Downes stood up to appalling abuse Against
2004.07.09 Manoliu, Irena Council should scrutinize studies Against
2004.07.09 Godin, Darrell G Best site is McAdoo's lane Against
2004.07.09 Crowe, Bill LVEC would make our downtown better For
2004.07.09 Smith, Rick Stay awake, Kingston, and move ahead For
2004.07.09 Laschinger, Susan Do we want our own Olympic Stadium? Against
2004.07.10 Robinson, Michael LVEC must be located downtown For
2004.07.10 Clark, C J R Consider tannery property Against
2004.07.13 Wong, Ken More Economics 101: LVEC benefits outweigh costs For
2004.07.23 Drynan, J T Transportation plan, LVEC proposal seem at cross purposes Against
2004.08.03 Stone, Howard Lift fog surrounding LVEC Unknown
2004.08.06 Shaw, Ron City doesn't care, won't listen Against
2004.08.16 Cox, John G S Four LVEC wrongs Against
2004.08.16 Riha, Josef Move ahead on the LVEC and move fast For
2004.08.20 Dillon, George Find Block D compromise - scrutinize LVEC plan Against
2004.08.23 Mills, Jana Social costs of Anglin Bay LVEC would be too high Against
2004.08.27 Hodges, John Build it - but not downtown Against
2004.08.27 Cliff, David LVEC: task force did its job effectively For
2004.09.07 Harlow, Elizabeth Kingston taxpayers will face increases if LVEC is built Against
2004.09.09 Kendall, Walter Let's get going on LVEC For
2004.09.15 MacPhail, Derek LVEC shouldn't be city's top priority Against
2004.09.22 Harries, David LVEC would change the city of Kingston Against
2004.09.22 Rogall, Wolf City on the wrong track with Anglin Bay arena plan Against
2004.10.02 Clarke, James J Ravaging of fairgrounds too high a cost Against
2004.10.05 Paliliones, Alex P Memorial Centre could be site of full-service sportsplex Against
2004.10.05 Hughes, Mikaela Community spirit on display at Williamsville public mee Against
2004.10.05 Fairman, Frederick Consult public before going ahead Against
2004.10.05 Brunke, E J and T Retirees have questions for mayor Against
2004.10.05 Morgan, David Arena project manager brings wealth of experience Against
2004.10.12 Diamond, Bert M Centre wasn't built to be sold Against
2004.10.12 Brunke, E J Preserve memorial to Canada's veterans Against
2004.10.15 Colledge, Viki Mayor Rosen, restore thyself Against
2004.10.21 Chamberlain, Bob City Hall shouldn't sell off living memorial to our soldiers Against
2004.10.21 Shaw, Mark It's time to move forward on Memorial Centre For
2004.10.21 Palmer, Renee Housing development a bad idea for site Against
2004.10.27 Holmes, W J Hold on, project not approved Against
2004.10.27 Cameron, Linda Keep facility as a living memorial Against
2004.10.30 Harlow, Elizabeth Planned arena not free of zoning issues Against
2004.11.02 Brown, Julian Save Memorial Centre parkland Against
2004.11.02 Todd, Bruce Make your views known to council Against
2004.11.02 Lockridge, Steve Delay arena decision until all facts are known Unknown
2004.11.02 Tedman, Walter The mayor as steamroller Against
2004.11.05 Webb, Lisa How about an LVEC protest? Against
2004.11.09 Mills, Bill Let council know you want M Centre saved Against
2004.11.10 Drynan, J T Downes, Garrison represent the majority Against
2004.11.13 Mills, Jana Deputy mayor should resign from steering committee Against
2004.11.17 Stevens, Ann Put arena shovel in ground - at M Centre site Against
2004.12.09 Fielding, Roger Who will make money off LVEC? Unknown
2004.12.11 Smith, Ray Majority not for arena Against
2004.12.13 Lynch, Peter Kingston and its arenas: leave a legacy to our young Against
2004.12.14 Calnan, Joe Let's save Kingston's working waterfront Against
2004.12.14 Fiorillo, Paul Council turns away needy but plows ahead with LVEC Unknown
2004.12.14 Cameron, Linda Memorial Centre needed by community For
2004.12.15 Saunders, Bob Build a facility we can be proud of - at the Memorial Centre Against
2004.12.15 Mackenzie, Robert Let citizens participate in work of steering committee Against
2004.12.15 Gold, Richard Destruction of Memorial Centre unthinkable Against
2004.12.17 Milina, Anne Memorial Centre land should be preserved as recreational site Against
2004.12.23 Harlow, Robert Building new arena would be madcap enterprise Against
2004.12.23 Downes, Rick The selling of the LVEC: objectivity out the window Against
2005.01.05 Wyatt, Gerard Shades of Kingston 2000 Against
2005.01.05 Katan, Jochebed Kingston can't afford LVEC dream Against
2005.01.10 Harlow, Elizabeth LVEC flaws glaringly obvious Against
2005.01.11 Cox, John G S Preserve waterfront land Against
2005.01.11 Sutherland, Dale Make the waterfront even better Against
2005.01.18 Gora, Kaz Let public choose location of facility in a vote Unknown
2005.01.18 Harlow, Robert Proposed LVEC site isn't little developed area of Kingston Against
2005.01.20 McRae, Gord LVEC project seems done deal from the start Against
2005.01.24 Cliff, David Naysayers continue to spread misinformation about the LVEC For
2005.01.31 Marchen, Linda Lack of parking is project's Achilles heel Against
2005.01.31 Troughton, Jack Parking, access issues continue to dog proposal Against
2005.01.31 Frost, Virginia Victoria building an arena - but not on waterfront Against
2005.02.02 Holmes, W J Don't replace Memorial with white elephant Against
2005.02.02 Flynn, Bill Has LVEC project been hijacked? Against
2005.02.04 Mackenzie, Robert The single-minded pursuit of a questionable goal Against
2005.02.04 Arh, Christine Time is short for area opponents Against
2005.02.04 Dillon, George Why I'm distrustful of LVEC plans Against
2005.02.05 Fraser, Fred How safe is LVEC site in emergency? Against
2005.02.09 Ivison, Tom Come on, Kingston, let's get excited! For
2005.02.09 Turkington, Nancy Sacrificing M Centre would be unjust Against
2005.02.09 Pierce, Anne E Who's doing the steering on LVEC issue? Against
2005.02.09 King, Cas Inner Harbour is a less-than-ideal site for facility Against
2005.02.09 Webb, Lisa Mayor's vision isn't shared Against
2005.02.09 Hains, Sue Downtown arena a silly idea Against
2005.02.09 MacLean, Susan Mayor's attitude: My way or highway Against
2005.02.11 Tedman, Walter City needs a council that will stand up to mayor Against
2005.02.12 Todd, Bruce Alarm bells are ringing over LVEC proposal Against
2005.02.21 Fawcett, S M Don't build too-small LVEC For
2005.02.21 Fletcher, J W Councillors should put careers on line Against
2005.02.21 Butler, Wendy Ambience of Anglin Bay area would be ruined Against
2005.03.02 Bonnici, Sharron Memorial Centre could be expanded Against
2005.03.02 Langevin, Jill Build LVEC in a better location Against
2005.03.02 Mather, Bruce Not on the waterfront Against
2005.03.03 Todd, Bruce Parking questions unanswered Against
2005.03.03 Wong, Ken Kingston needs a new arena, and the best location is downtown For
2005.03.03 Morgan, David Not a fair comparison Against
2005.03.10 Sinkinson, Chris Build an LVEC - and build it in my neighbourhood For
2005.03.10 Cross, Brian Second-guessers and critics block progress For
2005.03.10 Cooper, William Property north of Highway 401 seems like good location Against
2005.03.10 Daye, Tommy Bandshell facing the water would be popular with boaters Against
2005.03.17 Daley, Al Drop plan for a waterfront arena Against
2005.03.17 Aitken, R C Arena would cause downtown congestion Against
2005.03.17 Turkington, Nancy Is the best of Kingston up for sale? Against
2005.03.17 Kavanagh, Peter For or against? Have a straw poll Against
2005.03.17 Drynan, J T A downtown LVEC would be a failure Against
2005.03.17 McCue, Tim Professor is wrong about arena Against
2005.03.17 Todd, Bruce Task force member's parking figures incorrect Against
2005.03.17 Lewis, Craig City's political leaders looking to spend big bucks Against
2005.03.17 Hermiston, Ross V LVEC money could be better spent Against
2005.03.18 Smith, J M Building LVEC would be a risky bet Against
2005.03.18 Brown, Kaaren Whig could help sort out the confusion Against
2005.03.18 Murphy, Mark Parking won't be a problem For
2005.03.19 Leggett, William C Kingston and urban decay - A future we must avoid For
2005.03.22 Hughes, Mikaela Williamsville needs its green space Against
2005.03.22 Abramsky, Mat Make me want to come home to Kingston For
2005.03.22 Doughty, David Who will pay for mayor's caviar dreams? Against
2005.03.22 Schomberg, Roy Many oppose waterfront location Against
2005.03.22 Drynan, J T LVEC near 401 could turn out to be cheaper Against
2005.03.22 Oliver, Bob Old racetrack would be a good site Against
2005.03.28 Fitsell, W J (Bill) The Memorial Centre is worth saving Against
2005.03.28 Maxam, M A Kingston neighbourhood's way of life at stake Against
2005.03.28 Rice, Cecil Centre still the best arena in town Against
2005.03.28 Knapp, Douglas J Delay project until concerns answered Against
2005.03.28 Todd, Bruce What do citizens know? Against
2005.03.29 Robinson, Penelope No one will want to go to centre up by 401 For
2005.03.29 Gordon, Virginia Don't be dissuaded by naysayers For
2005.03.29 Gunn, Andrea Memorial Centre belongs to all Kingstonians - and costs all of them For
2005.03.29 Keefe, Barry LVEC will help blues festival For
2005.03.29 Lentz, Darryl Let's get on with building this facility For
2005.03.29 Milligan, Stephanie Silent majority supports mayor For
2005.03.30 Dillon, George Memorial Centre can be refurbished Against
2005.03.30 Harlow, Elizabeth Selling public land would be a serious civic wrong Against
2005.03.30 Brown, Dennis Kingston situation isn't comparable to London Against
2005.03.30 Katan, Jochebed Inner harbour location too small Against
2005.03.30 Fielding, Roger Keep public properties out of hands of developers Against
2005.03.30 Tedman, Walter Proposal to sell Memorial Centre is numbing Against
2005.03.31 Baker, Robert The right idea and the right location For
2005.03.31 Huddle, Timothy It's time Kingston's young people make their voices heard For
2005.03.31 Evans, Cormac The possibilities are endless if we build an LVEC For
2005.03.31 Ottenhoff, Stephen New centre a piece of downtown puzzle For
2005.03.31 Scott, Bob Shame on the bitter naysayers For
2005.03.31 Kennedy, Kelly Do we want a dead downtown? For
2005.04.01 Fairman, Frederick Mayor doesn't dither - maybe he should Against
2005.04.01 Marchen, Linda LVEC could hurt downtown businesses Against
2005.04.01 Meacher, Gord Consider park as location Against
2005.04.01 Harlow, Robert Downtown arenas in London, Guelph haven't met expectations Against
2005.04.01 Taft, Earl Now, let me get this straight ... Against
2005.04.01 Holden, David Traffic jam could be named after Rosen Against
2005.04.05 Smith, C S Preffered site may be contaminated Against
2005.04.05 Deline, S E Everything seems to be going down tubes for LVEC Against
2005.04.05 Erickson-Gray, Wendy What the city could have had at Davis Tannery site Against
2005.04.05 Holmes, W J Some food for thought on arenas Against
2005.04.05 Rioux, Karen Build on site of Memorial Centre Against
2005.04.05 Manoliu, Irena I say "nay" to inner harbour site Against
2005.04.06 Cuthbertson, Ken Eleven myths about the LVEC Against
2005.04.06 Caldwell/Pritchard Let's shed the "Kingston Think" attitude and build centre For
2005.04.08 Bock, Mo A question for the city of Kingston Unknown
2005.04.14 Brown, Julian When will council vote on LVEC? Against
2005.04.18 Morgan, Diana E Put LVEC to a referendum Unknown
2005.04.18 Todd, Bruce Business people "about to be had" Against
2005.04.19 Christmas, Brian Downtown LVEC could make Kingston trade show hub For
2005.04.22 Dalton, Bill LVEC: Parking not a problem For
2005.04.26 Bonnici, Sharon Parking nightmare for theatre patrons Against
2005.04.26 Tardif, Claude Building LVEC could hurt Kingston tourism Against
2005.04.26 Wehlau, Ruth London an example of what poor city planning can do Against
2005.04.27 McDonald, Bernard Taxpayers can't afford LVEC Against
2005.04.30 Woods, Bill Neighbour supports development: I find the LVEC proposal exciting For
2005.04.30 Tedman, Walter What about land costs? Against
2005.04.30 Gillespie, W A Long walk no good for seniors Against
2005.04.30 Young, Douglas Proposed waterfront location bewildering Against
2005.04.30 Parker, Stan LVEC would spruce up area For
2005.04.30 Black, Steven Why the parking and traffic study should get a grade of "F" Against
2005.05.02 Cossar, Bruce Photos show proposed LVEC site too small Against
2005.05.03 Westfall, Wayne LVEC hoopla based on half-truths Against
2005.05.03 Adams, Jim Show vision and get on with downtown facility For
2005.05.03 Grimshaw, Patricia A plan built on false hopes Against
2005.05.04 Bryan, J T Alarm bells ringing for taxpayers Against
2005.05.09 Cadman, Bob What city needs is an MVEC Against
2005.05.09 Evoy, Brian Donal Trump would say "You're fired" Against
2005.05.09 Weissbach, Bob Burlington shows way for Kingston Against
2005.05.10 Mills, Bill Mayor's path on LVEC issue deeply troubling Against
2005.05.11 Garofalo, Ineke Make LVEC a building we can be proud of For
2005.05.13 Muller, Kirk Let's build the LVEC for the sake of our children For
2005.05.13 Arnold, Patti LVEC in conflict with multiplex project Against
2005.05.13 Robinson, Michael Facility could be positive force for change For
2005.05.13 Huff, Harry Support is from business Against
2005.05.14 Scott, Garth Let them eat cake at LVEC Against
2005.05.16 Satchell, Kathleen Save waterfront for the people Against
2005.05.16 Busse, Walter Kingston's rich aren't investing in LVEC Against
2005.05.17 Metcalfe, Vicki Anglin Bay not good site for LVEC Against
2005.05.18 Fortin, Paul E Inner harbour location too small for proposed centre Against
2005.05.18 Harlow, Elizabeth Rezoning would amount to betrayal Against
2005.05.18 Scott, Pat & John Architectural drawings look good For
2005.05.25 Brown, Dennis Memorial Cup dream a pipedream Against
2005.05.25 Snyder, Josephine Let private sector build LVEC Against
2005.05.25 McNeil, Steve The LVEC and the Market Square: What's going on at City Hall? Against
2005.05.28 Kellermann, Tyson Build a downtown arena and help Kingston score For
2005.05.31 Bordwell-Moiseyev, S (Title unknown) For
2005.05.31 Wilkin, Eileen Editorialist got it right Against
2005.06.01 Turkington, Nancy Would LVEC bankrupt city? Against
2005.06.01 Brown, Kaaren Arena bad for downtown business Against
2005.06.03 Van Hal, Corry Build LVEC in Pittsburgh - but forget that $4.1 M Against
2005.06.03 Arnold, Patti Lake Ontario Park good site for arena Against
2005.06.03 Donovan, Dan An LVEC donation? Against
2005.06.03 Fyfe, Stewart What's the hurry with LVEC? Against
2005.06.10 Barrett, Tina Choose beauty over LVEC Against
2005.06.15 Fitsell, W J (Bill) LVEC follies good material for humorist Against
2005.06.23 Muirhead, George LVEC: How Kelowna did it Against
2005.06.23 Fielding, Roger If business plan sound, private enterprise will step up to plate Against
2005.06.28 Reeves, Aileen Anglin Bay as site for LVEC looking shaky Against
2005.07.09 Corrigan, Tracey Build entertaiment centre downtown For
2005.07.21 Harlow, Elizabeth Supporting arena could sink boat maker Against
2005.07.22 Maksymetz, Steven Let's build a new arena that will make Kingston proud For
2005.07.26 Dowding, M&R No, Kelowna arena isn't on the water Against
2005.07.26 Smith, Ray Citizen's group opposes arena site Against
2005.07.27 Todd, Bruce Shame on MetalCraft for creating good jobs Against
2005.07.29 Crothers, Sandy Are we willing to pave over a valuable piece of history? Against
2005.08.05 LeSage, Margaret Arena belongs in suburbs with humongous box stores Against
2005.08.09 Currie, John The best site for a new arena is right under the city's nose Against
2005.08.11 Fielding, Roger Plan waterfront development properly Against
2005.08.11 Malavenda, Tony Replacing marina with arena a bad tradeoff Against
2005.08.31 Waterfield, Nick Facility will be a community gathering place For
2005.09.03 Todd, Bruce Mayor isn't hearing what Kingstonians say about arena Against
2005.09.03 Schmolka, Vicki An environmental assessment should be done Against
2005.09.07 Tardif, Claude Mayor should respond to arguments against arena Against
2005.09.07 Kennedy, James C Anglin Bay site means lost jobs, higher taxes Against
2005.09.08 Colledge, Raymond Location, location: That's arena plan's biggest problem Against
2005.09.08 McNeil, Steve How many LVEC supporters are hockey fans Against
2005.09.10 Soper, Andy Marine Museum site unsuitable location for MetalCraft Marine Against
2005.09.10 Flint, Eveline Let's listen to what Baker has to say For
2005.09.10 Harlow, Elizabeth Business plan for arena has big holes Against
2005.09.14 Drynan, J T Build LVEC adjacent to Highway 401 Against
2005.09.14 Summer, Bradley Two voices worth hearing For
2005.09.19 Soberman, Dan Memorial Centre wins hands-down as arena site Against
2005.09.19 Bates, John Entertainment centre will save our downtown For
2005.09.24 Holman, Shirley To divide and conquer Against
2005.09.24 Todd, Bruce One councillor truly listens Against
2005.09.24 Gravonic, Nick/Julia Get it built: Give it to Gan Unknown
2005.09.30 Stone, Howard What people fear most is tax increases Against
2005.09.30 Thomsen, Volker To escape stagnation we must do more with downtown, waterfront For
2005.10.05 MacLean, Susan Study M Centre as new-arena site Against
2005.10.05 Gregory, Fred Mayor's arena dream will cost taxpayers Against
2005.10.05 Flemming, Bernard Listen to the voice of the citizen Against
2005.10.15 Houghton,Tony North Block a better arena site For
2005.10.19 Fielding, Roger Not a good use for tax money Against
2005.10.19 Steacy, Russell North Block back in spotlight after 16 years For
2005.10.22 Dubin, Ian Making ad hoc decisions hurts arena plan Against
2005.10.26 Jensen, Sally Some things here never change Against
2005.10.28 Flecker, Karl Use money for sewers, not The Big Rink Against
2005.10.28 Davy, Peter Let's not squander North Block Against
2005.11.05 Harlow, Robert Advantages of North Block site swayed councillors For
2005.11.14 Cliff, David Wrong design, wrong location Against
2005.11.14 Butler, Jim Too many shoulds in arena report Against
2005.11.14 Dillon, George Condo dwellers too quick to crow Against
2005.11.14 Butler, Jim Renovate centre, drop new arena plan Against
2005.11.19 Flinn, Stan Memorial Centre is the best site Against
2005.11.19 Poupore, Gary Facility must be built downtown For
2005.11.30 Syrett, Mary Including fort ruins in arena isn't a viable option Against
2005.12.05 Wright, Jack Up in arms about council Against
2005.12.05 Ewart, Julie Sounding off for the last time Against
2005.12.15 Butler, Jim Let's find out how Kingstonians feel Against
2005.12.15 Cloutier, Terry How to decide arena's fate? For
2005.12.15 Crowe, Bill Friends of LVEC say Downes wants to subvert 'the will of council...' For
2005.12.28 Harlow, Elizabeth Mayor has no mandate to build an 'LVEC' Against
2006.01.04 Holmberg, Carl An arena referendum isn't needed; we've already had one For
2006.01.05 Rusak, Ela Use tax dollars to fix infrastructure Against
2006.01.05 Hunt, Greg Put council bully in his place For
2006.01.05 Deacon, Tom Let's find out what the people want Unknown
2006.01.05 Clark, Bob Let Kingstonians vote on the arena plan Against
2006.01.13 Scott, Garth Let the people have a voice on arena plan Against
2006.01.13 Coleman, John Will of the people isn't for an arena Against
2006.01.13 Medora, Richard Project short of public support Against
2006.01.13 Drynan, J T Proposal cries out for a referendum Against
2006.01.13 Scott, Bob Why no referendum on smoking ban For
2006.01.14 Smith, Ray Referendum would give people a choice Unknown
2006.01.14 Snyder, Josephine Downes is right about many things Against
2006.01.14 Roughton, Stephen Referendum foes fear outcome Against
2006.01.14 Gillespie, W A Build an arena where people want it Against
2006.01.14 King, Cas Vocal minority support arena Against